Integrated Marketing (Cross Media Marketing)

Multi-Channel Marketing is a program that can be adapted to any vertical market using multiple marketing channels, such as direct mail, email, and a website.

For example, to gain feedback from new mortgage customers, a bank may mail a calendar and thank-you note that includes a personalized URL (pURL) that leads them to an online customer-satisfaction survey, and then send an email blast to customers with the same pURL to gather more data and improve their processes and services to better serve their customers. By utilizing multiple channels, the bank was able to increase response rates and integrate multiple channels into one effective marketing strategy.


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The question is, what mix of print AND email is best for us? Using one supplier who understands and utilized BOTH channels allows you to have one source that can deliver and coordinate a multi channel approach.


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A Personalized URL, or pURL is a website tailored to a specific marketing effort or campaign. A Landing Page is where your visitor arrives at after clicking a link or entering their pURL into a web browser.


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We can help you deploy opt-in (no spam) mobile text promotions that generate customer leads, create loyal customers and drive sales. The coolest part: Content and offers can be adjusted in real time in response to business conditions.

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