Dealer Sales Tools

We understand the challenge of selling print in today’s environment so with ideas, suggestions and help from our dealers we’ve created some sales tools for you.

For many of our product lines we have sell sheets that you can brand for your company with retail level pricing. These make great leave behinds to keep your brand top of mind with your customer.

Promotional Items

Want to offer a different promotion to your customers each month? Ask for our upcoming specials and promotional flyer to email or drop off to your customers.

How about a sales tool that’s a real live person?  Ask us how we can help you sell by co-presenting, doing a webinar, end-user shows or idea brainstorming.

Products with Personalized Imagery

Our Emotional Expressions line of products with personalized imagery grabs their attention. But a picture is worth 1,000 words, so we created a special white-branded website so you can let your customer see what you’re talking about.

We don’t have everything you need online; we’re printers and we love to show off our printing!  So, we have samples and sales kits prepared for the products you want to sell and some programs packaged together for certain verticals. All you gotta do is ask.

  • Prescription Forms
  • Envelopes
  • Laser Forms
  • General Print Catalog
  • Birthday Card Program
  • Dimensional Packaging
  • Calendars
  • Full Color Print Catalog
  • Trade Show Marketing Program
  • Optical or Dental Recall Card Program
  • Bank or Credit Union Marketing Program
  • Laser Forms Catalog

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