We’ve been converting our previously recorded webinars, which are now available to view.

Let us know if there’s certain topics you’d like to learn about or see in future webinars.

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Full Color Printing Webinar

In these webinars, we go over what and where are full color opportunities, what are the products that health care professionals need, and how can Printco make it easy for you. Playlist topics

  • Full Color Printing
  • Program Sales
  • Mulit-Channel
  • Envelopes

List Procurement Webinar

In these webinars, we review everything you need to know about list procurement, including where to purchase your list, the best list options for you, and whether you should rent or buy. Playlist topics

  • List Procurement
  • Emotional Expressions
  • Emotional Expressions Calendars
  • USPS Changes

Security Features

In these webinars, we talk about all the different security features that can print, and how they work together to prevent theft and fraud. Playlist topics

  • Printing Knowledge
  • Security Features
  • Tamper Resistant