We’ve said it before and will say it again – Printco’s customer service is the BEST!

– Victor & Sandy M., Torrance, CA

Your staff of people are outstanding. I’ve worked with just about all of them and they are exceptional at their jobs. They are friendly, courteous, informative and conscientious.

– Lynn B., Barnegat, NJ

When we were looking for a new way to generate a better response rate to our annual end user show, we partnered with Printco. Working with Printco, we were able to pick their brains for best practices and time tested options that gave us maximum results. Not only did using a pURL campaign increase our response rate (to nearly 41%), but it also generated spreadsheets for customer follow-up after the event, and created more pURL opportunities.

– Jim B, Syracuse, NY

Printco has been a leader in short run color and the use of variable data print. With their help we have used VDP to open up whole new markets for us.

– Tim K., Waukesha, WI

Printco is one of the friendliest companies I deal with! I even put you as #1 on my fax dial list!

– Barbara D, Modesto, CA

We appreciate doing business with Printco because they do so much for us. Printco is our choice of vendors for Rx products due to the number of items they offer for Rx customers. The background things like certification checks and legal changes they keep up with make Printco a leader in the Rx area.

– Richard K., Monroe, WI

I appreciate the fact that Printco anticipated trends such as variable data printing and customization to more current trends such as pURLs and their impact on the fast-paced world of change in the marketing and printing industries.

– Malinda S., New Palestine, IN

Why do we do business with Printco? Let me count the ways. I guess I can summarize the answer in one word: PROFESSIONALISM. Printco is the embodiment of “professionalism.” We are partners in every sense of the word.

– Steve S., Wheeling, IL